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  • In-depth training on Universal Law and other insights into creating your life consciously
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Why "The Edge"?

Because the magic happens when you reach your Edge.

And yet right at our Edge is exactly where most of us stop, failing to create those oh so important Fresh Tracks.


When you are cutting Fresh Tracks you see a huge improvement in the results you achieve. In this space beyond the boundaries of comfort you discover that you can live your divine purpose, create with intention, and live in flow rather than forcing outcomes. Your life is more fulfilled because you have the confidence that comes from trusting yourself and listening to your intuition. You have the consciousness to take your right next step.

Developing a true understanding of Universal Law – what it is and how it works – in addition to recognizing the structures and patterns in your life that support your current results, are pivotal awareness’s to creating the life you desire. When you live your divine purpose, approach life as a fun adventure, and trust your next step you, too, can achieve your goals and create your own Fresh Tracks.


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Publisher: Kelly Robbins, MA. RScP

Author of Trust Your Next Step: Creating the Confidence to Cut Fresh Tracks and producer of the Fresh Tracks with Kelly Robbins podcast. Kelly is an award-winning writer, author and columnist. An 18 year-industry veteran, Kelly brings a modern voice to ancient teachings, empowering each of us to live our lives fully with intentional use of Universal Principles.

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